About us

Welcome to the website of jqanalytics - your reliable partner in the field of analytical equipment. We provide a wide range of services, including the production, development, installation and supply of high-precision analyzers for monitoring various environmental parameters.


Our company specializes in the production of in-line gas chromatographic analyzers, analyzers for monitoring industrial emissions, atmospheric air and flare plants, which provide accurate and reliable measurements of environmental parameters.


We also design and install wire antenna systems for all types of submarines. These systems allow you to receive signals in the VLF, LF, HF, LORAN C and GPS bands while working underwater.


Our specialists develop customized and specialized instruments adapted to scientific applications. In addition, we offer specialized hydrocarbon detectors and water analysis stations adapted to all types of environments.


We guarantee the high quality of our products and services, as well as provide qualified support and service. Contact us for the best solutions in the field of analytical equipment.