Standardised or customised instrumentation for scientific applications

JQ analytics specializes in developing and providing high-value instrumentation and solutions for environmental knowledge and measurement. The expertise in areas such as naval instrumentation, water and air quality analysis, meteorology, and marine mechanics has earned its recognition as a specialist in these fields. In addition, Jqanalytics undertake activities such as research, production, integration, operation, and maintenance of these instruments and solutions.



Mechanical systems for marine and underwater applications. Expertise in extreme conditions.

Jqanalytics has acquired specialized knowledge and expertise in developing standardized or customized instruments for scientific applications. They offer instruments that can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.

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Industrial emission analysis solutions, for the monitoring of production plants, process gases, emissions and ambient air.

Jqanalytics is engaged in the study, design, integration, and maintenance of high-value instruments and solutions that contribute to the measurement and understanding of the environment.

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Continuous water quality monitoring systems in natural and industrial environments.

Jqanalytics provides tailored hydrocarbon detectors and water analysis stations that are suitable for all types of environments. These detectors and stations are used to monitor water quality in real-time in various settings such as natural environments, retention basins, and industrial sites.

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